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About us

The best part of the story first…
Every product sold by The Cumberland Companies LLC is assembled by the great folks at Sunshine Industries in Knoxville, TN, a vocational development facility serving adults with intellectual disabilities. Simply walking through the facility is a gratifying experience where the “clients” (employees) of various levels of developmental ability embody the notion of teamwork in the workplace. The handshakes, “high fives”, waves and smiles we receive on each and every visit from our Sunshine friends is heartwarming and inspiring to say the least. Sunshine Industries is a place where each client can feel important, can reach their potential and where they are not low man on the totem pole. Each client is an important person and respected as such. It’s an honor to be a customer of this wonderful organization.


Now…the rest of the story
The life-changing moment for us came when the teetering economy had triggered yet another corporate shakeup, and staying with the company would have required us to move our family—for the sixth time in the last ten years. That's when we realized that we needed much more flexibility than corporate life would ever offer us.

 We both have an entrepreneurial spirit. We were always coming up with ideas and inventions to make life a little easier. So we decided to take a leap. We went into business for ourselves as a husband and wife team, manufacturing and selling our products. Best of all, we were able to stay in the place we had come to love, Knoxville, Tennessee.

 We run our business on a simple concept.  We stand behind our products 100%...without question or excuse. The most important thing to us is that you are delighted with your purchase decision.


Bill and Dinah Vogel